Baobab intervention study in Nairobi completed

Baobab-pulp contains significant amounts of iron and vitamin C, which possibly enhances the bioavailability of iron. The baobab intervention study investigates the role of vitamin C from baobab-pulp in alleviating iron deficiency problems.

The study, which took place in a school in Nairobi over 11 weeks, has recently been completed. During the intervention, each child in the intervention group received a cup of drink containing baobab-pulp, while each child in the control group received a cup of the same drink without baobab-pulp. Children from both groups consumed their drinks in addition to the regular school meal.


Prior to and after the baobab intervention study, several variables of the nutritional and health status of enrolled children were assessed by anthropometric and clinical screening and blood analysis, the data of which is currently being analyzed.